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Fandom: Hair
Pairing: Claude/Berger
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,042
Summary: Every night Berger saved Claude, and every morning he was still dead.


Fic: Follow My Heartbeat [1/1]

Fandom: Hair/Across the Universe
Pairing: mild Claude/Berger
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,506
Summary: Max makes a friend on the plane heading to Vietnam.

Follow My HeartbeatCollapse )


 Recently, a local theater began its production of High School Musical, which in and of itself is rather gruesome, because to think that people willingly put time and effort into that pathetic excuse for a musical sends shivers up my spine, but that is not what has me rather irked. 

When a show begins, it follows that, without fail, at least one newspaper will send out some critic to review said show. In the case of this particular show, the reviewer did not care for some of the cast, the extravagence of most of the musical numbers, and generally expressed his distaste for HSM as a whole. Now, as a reviewer, it is his job to state his opinion on whatever show he went to go see, and if in this case it was of a negative sort, then that's what he's being paid to do. What he is not responsible for, is acting, directing, choregraphing, and so on and so forth. Said critic is not expected to be able to fulfill any of these duties, because that is not what he has been hired to do.

Therefore, when said critic does his job- and heaven forbid he actually criticize the production- the actors are therefore not allowed to become indignate over the fact that the man "doesn't understand how much work has been put into the production" because quite frankly, it doesn't matter how much time was put into it, all that matters is whether or not the man enjoyed it. And he is perfectly qualified as a member of the viewing audience to tell other people his opinion on the show.

In fact, he is more than just a little qualified, because in fact it is his job to tell the rest of the world whether or not he thought the play wasn't up to standards. 

What makes the entire scenario just that much more annoying, is that the cast tries to defend their play, every time, by beginning with "HSM's script really does suck" so "we're doing the best we can" and "I'd like to see you try with such a lame script" and none of them even begin to grasp the irony of the fact that if each and everyone of them hates the script, then there is no possible way that the production could be spectacular. I don't care how much they enjoy singing, acting, and dancing- if they don't like the story, there will always be a little something lacking- and they will never be able to make up for the fact that the script is, in fact, horrible!

It Looked Empty

We'll just have to call this the day I deleted more things accidentally then I can ever remember doing without attempting to kill the computer. *headdesk* I don't have anything to post yet. My wild strawberry picking adventure (read: total lie) will have to be told later. Right now, I just didn't want to have nothing written. It seemed a waste. Until tomorrow, my pretties.



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